With over 8 years experience creating enterprise products in the SaaS market, I am an experienced product leader. I am a strong business analyst; ensuring products I bring to market are strategically and economically aligned with the company’s vision while providing a delightful user experience. I’m also extremely technical, accurately assessing the workload of projects while working closely with engineers to align technical and business requirements. I am seeking to lead a dynamic team to bring new products to market that drive company growth.

Strong PMs will always rely on a balance of empathy and systems thinking to get their job done.
— Ellen Chisa https://goo.gl/cZCqjB

Major Projects

BRD Coinify


January 2019

  • Brought new decentralized fiat to crypto partner to app for European customers


PayStand Payer Portal

AR Payer Portal.png

- Portal Design

June 2018

  • Led design team to create wireframes for different user story approaches, covering the entire problem space

  • Single payment driven

  • Action Driven

  • History Driven

  • Reconciliation Driven

  • Security/Approval Driven


November 2017 - June 2018

  • Established PayStand's Canadian office

  • Managed bank and other vendor relationships

  • Sought and received underwriting approval from Canadian Banking partners

  • Delivered API changes to process Canadian payments in one sprint



- Designed UI & UX using Google’s Material Design

- New flagship product to complement existing A/R business

- Built in one quarter

Jan 2017 – Oct 2017

  • Scoped and ideated end to end new Payouts product and brought to market in one quarter

  • Created mockups for completely new dashboard for Payouts

  • Managed all feature development from ideation, scoping, managing Jira and monitoring progress towards goals with tight deadlines

  • Constant iteration and refinement of dashboards for an improved, easier to use UX

  • Product contributed to raising A round


March 2017

PayStand Scheduled Payment Re-design

- Oversaw execution of scheduled and recurring payments to PayStand's dashboard and API
- Ideated, scoped, and created mockups for new dashboards to manage scheduled & recurring payments


January 2017

PayStand Monthly Statement Reports


- Designed new report for accountants to close out their books each month


May 2016

PayStand Summary Reports


- New report makes bank reconciliation seamless


May 2015


- New freemium Crime Mapping product to serve as lead gen for existing police deployment tool

- Collaborated with developers & designers to create an easy to use tool

May 2015


Toronto photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

Banner photo by Imani Clovis on Unsplash