I’m Claire, a product manager living New York. During my free time, I enjoy tinkering, camping, sewing, and reading prolifically. My wife and I have a 3 year daughter and are very much enjoying the parenting adventure.

During the day I work as the Senior Product Manager at a cryptocurrency startup called BRD where I focus on product. I design new features to meet customer and strategic needs, a position that reflects my unique and balanced understanding of user experience and product development. My product management journey is detailed on my resume.

During my free time I am a photographer and writer. My photography reflects the raw beauty, grit, and character of the cities and landscapes I have experienced. I love taking picture of where I go - see some examples on the photography page or my Flickr! Inspiration for these images, as well as my fictional and freelance professional writing, stem from the environments I inhabited throughout my adult life. These two strengths, visual and written composition, give me an edge as a Senior PM. Specifically, I am able to think creatively about the style and content of product presentation.

I am an avid social justice advocate and passionate about issues of equity and inclusion. I volunteered for the San Francisco Dyke March and the New York City Dyke March between 2008 and 2013, acting as a leader in each organization to further the voice of lesbians in each city.  I also continually volunteer to support various community organizations, from newsletter for my local fire station to organizing community service workers for hunger and homelessness. Most recently, I chaired the Culture Committee at Paystand to increase gender equity in a male-dominated industry. These positions lend depth and vision to my blockchain focused product development. While the blockchain can be a useful tool for a variety of efficient and effective payment software, it also holds promise for solving issues of informational and economic equity.