Additional references can be provided upon request.  Former colleagues share their experiences of working with Claire


Matt Ouellette, Front end developer, PayStand

As the Sr. Product Manager at PayStand, Claire has not only continuously kept the members of our engineering team focused and motivated in achieving our own individual development goals, but has also engaged and educated all of us in our collective understanding of the meaning behind the broader business needs we've all been asked to play a part in fulfilling. Claire has also played an indispensable role in the formulation and design of the UX and UI of PayStand’s products, offering key business understanding and insight critical to their success. It's been great working with Claire. She has been an invaluable part of our team from day one, and all of the products we have all developed together as a team would simply not be as good without her guidance and many contributions.


Todd Snider, Director Customer & Partner Success, PayStand

Poised, passionate and professional come to mind when thinking about Claire. We have worked together closely to facilitate our customers' success with PayStand for the past 2+ years. I have been impressed with her ability to adeptly respond to Customer Success feedback and translate it into tangible product features and technical results. Ultimately providing our customers and the CS team with the necessary tools to succeed. She is a big picture thinker but can also empathize with customers on their micro level needs. Claire is a kind person with a fun sense of humor. I can strongly recommend her as a valued asset to any team.


Christopher Chen, FullStack SofTware engineer, PayPal

Claire has been an awesome colleague over the past two years that we've worked together. She works hard and puts in extra hours often. She has grown tremendously in her role as a product manager. Her role has expanded many times during her career here and she has risen to the challenge on every occasion. Her input has been invaluable and has helped the product mature greatly. Having her as the point of contact between engineering and business has streamlined communication and allowed us to work faster with less roadblocks. She is fun to be around and any team would be lucky to have her.

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Claire was, without a doubt, the glue of our company. She was the authority on any company or product related questions. She has the unique combination of understanding product from both an internal process standpoint, as well as the perspective of the customer. This perspective makes Claire a valuable team member whose irreplaceable insight informed and guided product features, design, and implementation. On a personal note, these traits translate to someone who is an excellent team member and communicator, and trusted colleague. 

Her professional success is entirely deserved as there is no one who works harder. 

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Jeffrey Newburgh, Senior Proposal Writer, CA Blue Shield 

Claire is a natural born leader. She cuts through the nonsense and gets right to the point with regard to solving a problem. That's a huge quality when it comes to working in a support department. She also has great people skills and seems to understand the business even better than her superiors. Claire has a wealth of both technical and non-technical knowledge so I always found it extremely helpful to collaborate with her on projects and get answers to the more sensitive issues. Claire is particularly adept at dealing with difficult members but she's also extremely fair and understanding. 

I believe that Claire would thrive in any position and I've truly enjoyed working with her at Vendini!

Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash